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The Journey Before the First Step of Joylogues

The period between 2013 and 2016 was crucial for me.

I was working happily in my corporate job. I was excitedly pursuing the spiritual path of Nichiren Buddhism, that I had embarked on a few years ago. I was reconnecting with old friends and with a hopeful heart, opening my life to new ones.

And during this time, a deeper shift was taking place in my life - one that I understand better only today.

The first symptom of this shift manifested in the question - What do I want out of life? Not in the sense of reflecting on one’s career graph, or to make retirement goals, or to even map out our whole life as per a plan. No, none of this. But just - What do I want out of life?

I asked myself what drove me then, and will it still drive me 30 years later. Realising the preciousness of life in some small way - another result of the shift that I was going through - it seemed foolish to spend time on things that were not in alignment with what I really wanted in life. And from here, started a wonderful beautiful journey of me figuring out who I truly am, and what I truly want out of life.

It would be a lie to say that all was easy after this one realisation. In fact, if anything, it was more frustrating to know that I wasn’t satisfied with what I had, but had no clue about what I really wanted or how to get there. I didn’t even know where to start.

But with time, I learnt that maybe our minds covered with decades of logic and worldly wisdom don’t know. And it would be often futile if we approach this with only a practical self-SWOT analysis, though it will be required at a certain point. In my case, for years, I knew I was good at project management, I had decent communication skills and probably enough sales acumen to survive if not thrive. But none of that made my heart sing.

Since I was a child, my spring was always someplace else.

My Grandmother. Love. Music. Magic. Movies. Learning. Warm Hugs. Dreams. Friendship. Understanding. Superheroes. Laughter. Support. Giving. Goodness. Sincerity. Books. Selflessness. Care. Encouragement. And the belief that every single one of us is special, beautiful and absolutely irreplaceable!

Today, with six years of inner flux and invaluable learning behind me, I will respectfully disagree with anyone who says that LOVE cannot be an actual profession. Or that SUPERHEROES exist only in fiction. Who makes these boundaries for us? Who creates these constraints!

You can be whoever you want to be. You can do anything you want. And trust me, it’s not just theory. Everything can be broken into real, concrete steps. Because the struggle never will be whether or not, you can become Batman. The struggle will always be whether or not, you can believe that you can become Batman. Or for that matter, Hulk or Loki, if you so wish! Practical solutions will follow with lightning speed once we start to believe.

I will share two quotes that I often find myself going back to -

I have no way of knowing the authenticity of these lines but that is besides the point. These words have immense meaning and power, no matter who spoke them.

The period between 2013 and 2016 was a period of understanding that all of the above can be one’s calling, if only we have the heart to first see it that way ourselves. Now when I look back, I cannot believe that I came across such shockingly wonderful teachers who unknowingly held my hand and helped me take the many first steps that I needed to take to get here. I cannot thank them even with my whole life. And I truly wish that everyone encounters such mentors.

Strengthened with this support, it still took me years and years of talking to myself, talking to others, also learning from books, speeches and movies to arrive at the knowledge that for me, a conversation is the road to - as I like to call them - Triggers of Joy, or anything that your heart beats for.

And no matter what one’s Trigger of Joy is, we can all do with more of it in our lives! And to do that in my life, I decided to make ‘conversations’ the weapon of my choice! Because, conversations have changed my life. And not just once, but every single time.

Conversations have truly created magic in my life.

Conversations have truly created love in my life.

Conversations have deepened and strengthened my friendships.

Conversations made my dreams fly.

Conversations triggered and satisfied my curiosity.

Conversations helped me learn, more about my world.

Conversations helped me learn, more about myself.

Conversations helped me resolve conflicts.

Conversations helped me understand what I didn’t understand earlier.

Conversations made me believe in myself.

Conversations made me believe in others.

Conversations picked me up when I was at my lowest.

Conversations helped me when I wanted to soar.

And with this knowledge and the power of a dialogue, Joylogues was born.

With absolute honesty, I will share what I avoid saying even to myself - I am scared. I am not fully sure of the shape Joylogues will take in the future. Currently, I only have:

  • An ambitious dream of filling this world with Triggers of Joy through the power of dialogue

  • And a tentative & a very vague plan to go along with it

But I am determined that my belief in this dream will eventually emerge stronger than my personal fears. Not just for myself - though I can definitely do with a win. But because I think we all need it and I don’t mean we all need Joylogues per se. But more love, more dreams, more courage, more friendships, and more dialogues that lead to all of this!

So for everyone who will be associated with Joylogues in the future, either actively or even in passing, for all my family and friends, for every life out there - I just want to say: Please start by engaging in a conversation with yourself. Ask yourself - what do you really want in life? And you never know where it may lead you.

This question led me to the knowledge that a conversation is my path to pursue. And as Joylogues takes its first step, I wish you abundant heartfelt, meaningful conversations that will transform you and help you find that purest part of your heart that knows exactly where you belong!

Loads of Love,

And always here,


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